QTE: Press X to Not Die (iOS)

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QTE: Press X to Not Die is Electric Fruit’s first game available for the iPhone and iPad.

A simple concept thats difficult to master QTE is a cross between console style Quick Time Events and a game of Simon. Follow the onscreen prompts and push the buttons as fast as you can to earn bonus points, all before the timer reaches zero.

Compete across three separate GameCentre highscore boards for the top spot.

QTE: Press X to Not Die is currently available    FREE in the AppStore

Some people have said the following;

“It’s a pure experience, like the initial stirring of puberty or your first taste of a grilled cheese sandwich .”    –   MIKE FAHEY – KOTAKU.COM
“First couple of goes it seems impossible, amazing how quickly you get the hang of it. Expert mode is really difficult but is definitely the best level”

by BiteyGeoff (**** iTunes Review)

“Really good and I love the retro graphics, I wish I could be better at it so I can hear more of the soundtrack, it is a very addictive game!!!”

by Slump 1 (**** iTunes review)

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